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cig2oCig2o is the standard in electronic cigarettes. From the very beginning Cig2o has pushed the envelope in quality and innovation. The two-piece cartomizer (PATENT PENDING) is available in 3-packs, 5-packs, and NEW soft tip 5-pack option. Cig2o now offers a new “Premium Vapor” line (ePRO, MAXX) that is aimed at converting customers over to the more advanced technology.
vapageThe Vapage Premium Vaping line carries everything you need to fully stock a “Vape Shop”. Offering industry standard “eGo” kits (VPRO), variable voltage kits (UTURN), “Mod” kits (Mekanik, DUO, VMOD), and a full range of tanks that suit a wide variety of personal preference. Vapage offers the largest selection of eliquid as well, at 30 unique flavors and up to 6 nicotine strengths.
auraAura Vapor Liquid has all the same features, benefits and quality as Vapage and Cig2o e-liquids. Made with premium USA-Made ingredients. The Aura line is available in 12 “key” flavors and 4 nicotine options. Packaged in price-friendly 10ml bottles, and 6-pack sleeves.


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PRODUCT. Its all about the product. Spark is a consumer focused product development, research & design company that has built a sales and distribution enterprise around our product. We are not a distribution company or sales & marketing agency that got into e-cigarettes simply for sales opportunity – we got into the category to improve the product through innovation and enhance our customers’ lives.

From the start, our goal was simple: to greatly improve upon a good idea that was lacking in execution. In 2008 e-cigarettes were available, but tasted bad, were unreliable, problematic, and performed poorly. They were not a fulfilling or enjoyable product for consumers. We sat down at the drawing board to change all that – and did. We stand behind our product, as proven by a product defect and warranty return rate of less than .3% across all distribution channels and product lines. We carry A++ Product Liability Insurance through Admiral Insurance.

Since 2008, Spark Industries has pioneered and been a leading innovator in electronic cigarettes. We have focused on developing e-cigarette product that consumers truly enjoy and find fulfilling, at prices that offer real world value. We offer an in-house, California based toll-free consumer hotline to accommodate any consumers’ return and exchange needs as well as answer any questions about product usage and proper operation.

Spark Industries is a product design & development firm, by definition… Create, invent, design & develop is what we do. 


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